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Measurement System

FPT PRIMA Company, during quality inspection of the product, uses a wide range of quality measuring instruments for checking all parameters of the piston rings, covered by the requirements of the design documentation. Taking into account these most important, one should identify the instrument for measuring the hardness of the material (cast iron) with electronic reading as well as amicro hardness meter to measure hardness of coatings applied on the rings (chromium, molybdenum or plasma). For evaluation of the material, a chemical analysis of cast iron is also used, which has an impact on durability and functionality of our products, and for this the device used is called a spectrometer. To measure the shape of the outer rings, we use instruments called formmeters supported with proper computer software having a possibility to record the results.

Our laboratory is equipped with a projector that allows accurate measurement of angles, phases and radiuses occurring in the rings as well as the measurement of the tools used for machining. In direct production processes we use instruments designed for specific parameters (special) to ensure fast and accurate measurements (height, thickness, radius or ovalisation of the rings). We also have adequate instruments to measure the tangential force, radial force, as well as measurement of elasticity force of the rings with a spring, which in its design has a vibrating element designed to remove friction between the ring and spring with the possibility to register the results and ability to make qualitative capabilities of the manufacturing process of the springs.

All instruments are covered by the MSA analysis according to the appropriate standard.